A Rocky Mountain Vacation: Things to Do in Winter Park

A stunning look at people enjoying an ice skating rink, one of the many things to do in Winter Park.

Embracing winter is a lifestyle for those of us living in Grand County. As we say goodbye to autumn, the parks are less busy, the temperatures dip, and the snow will accumulate quickly. But don’t let the brisk air dissuade you from a Rocky Mountain vacation. With so many things to do in Winter Park, now is the time to pull out the ski boots, thermal socks, and long johns to bundle up and enjoy a magical time of year with a beaming smile. In Grand County, Resort Management Group has a wide variety of Winter Park vacation rentals that lend themselves to being the perfect launchpad for adventure and excitement. From snowmobiling to hot air balloon rides, winter activities in Colorado are some of the best in the world!

Things to Do in Winter Park

Guests of Resort Management Group are guaranteed the best rates, not only for lodging but for things to do in Winter Park as well! The seemingly endless abundance of serenity is one of the most lovable aspects of a Rocky Mountain vacation. Although Grand County remains a bustling and vibrant community, you’ll find fewer crowds at some of the most popular recreation areas. There’s something special about being the first to step foot on a trail after a recent flurry on a frigid morning. Now, we can’t say the ski resorts won’t be busy, so we strongly encourage our guests to either purchase their lift tickets early or acquire a season pass. 

The Best Winter Activities in Colorado 

Because there are so many things to do in Winter Park, it’s understandable that our neck of the woods is such a viable vacation spot. It’s also part of the reason why deciding how to spend your time can sometimes feel overwhelming. With just about any winter sport or activity you can think of, outdoor enthusiasts will find limitless potential in Grand County. So, to help you along the way, we assembled a handy list of fun activities to consider when you aren’t hitting the slopes during your Rocky Mountain vacation.

  • Sleigh rides are a unique winter experience, and several outfitters provide it!
  • Snowmobiling offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure that showcases the scenic beauty found throughout Grand County. Our NEW Hurd Creek Cabin is the perfect luxury lodging option with trails right out the back door! 
  • The Fraser Tubing Hill delivers fun for the whole family without all the gear needed for skiing.
  • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are excellent for those who enjoy hiking. There are seemingly endless miles of trails to enjoy these popular Colorado winter activities.
  • Dog Sled Rides at YMCA of the Rockies is another unique thing to do in Winter Park. Try to name three people who can say they’ve gone on a dog sled ride!
  • Fat biking is the reason we say biking never stops in Colorado, as many of the best trails for summer riding are available for winter.
  • Hot air balloon rides from Grand Adventure Balloon Tours provide patrons with astonishing panoramic views of some of the Rocky Mountain’s most renowned peaks.
  • Ice skating is an iconic seasonal pastime that provides a rewarding challenge for those wanting to take on a new hobby. Fortunately, Grand County has a myriad of options.


Winter Park Vacation Rentals in Grand County

An interior view of the Hurd Creek Cabin from Resort Management Group.A Rocky Mountain vacation could be the best way to maximize the coldest part of the year and prevent cabin fever, but the only way to find out is to plan a trip and find out yourself. The only thing better than an exciting winter day is retreating to the comforts of your home away from home to enjoy hot cocoa and the crackle of the fireplace. For more information or to reserve a property, please visit our website or call 800-926-4386. And be sure to check out our packing list!