Road and Mountain Biking in Colorado: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

A solo bike races by a steep ridge while mountain biking in Colorado.

Grand County, Colorado may just be the best place for mountain biking in the country. The mountain bike trails near Winter Park, Colorado alone span over 600 miles of berms, drop-ins, rock gardens, and grinders. And that’s just one town! With trails that span the spectrum from novice to expert and bike parks to hone your skills, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get out and shred some of the best Colorado mountain bike trails in the state. Each trail and park offers a unique experience as you immerse yourself in the stunning beauty offered by this alpine region. There’s a reason the Winter Park area has been titled, “Mountain Bike Capital USA,” and we’ll tell you why mountain biking in Colorado is second to none.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Perhaps the most obvious reason the Winter Park area is so popular with cyclists is its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is only 36 miles from Winter Park proper, so you may choose to bike your way there. What’s more, there are several towns on the way that you can stop to rest, have lunch, or perform maintenance checks on your bike. 

The trails at Rocky Mountain National Park are closed to mountain biking. However, the paved roads offer stunning views and challenging uphill rides for beginner and expert road bikers alike. Several guide companies will drive you to the top if grunting up the hill isn’t your idea of fun. Due to the heavy traffic experienced during peak times, it is advised that you plan your outing for the early morning.

Mountain Bike Trails Near Winter Park, Colorado

A family with young children leading the way experiences mountain biking in Colorado.Besides Rocky Mountain National Park, there are other trails and parks near Winter Park for you to explore and conquer. One of the most critical aspects of mountain biking in Colorado is knowing which trails are best suited for your skill level. We’ve put together a shortlist of three of our favorite trails with a brief description to give you a better idea of where to go.

Fraser River Trail 

Perhaps best suited for beginners, the Fraser River Trail is a simplistic, five-mile ride that requires the least effort from all the area’s trails. Perfect for families, children, and novices, this trail is a straight shot from Fraser to Winter Park Resort. The paved trail allows for a stable ride for beginners and provides peace of mind for those with small children. Be sure to bring your camera as this trail is known for frequent moose sightings! !

Idlewild Trail System

Idlewild is a local favorite, mostly single track loop that is 8.7 miles and starts at the Winter Park Information Center. You’ll undoubtedly be challenged with an elevation gain of nearly 1500 feet, but this trail isn’t too intimidating for intermediate riders. The Idlewild Trail System offers gorgeous vistas that showcase the alpine beauty that is the Fraser Valley.

Trestle Bike Park 

Trestle Bike Park is the unofficial “crown jewel” of the Winter Park mountain biking scene and is considered an epicenter for mountain biking in Colorado, if not the country. Trestle boasts over 40 miles of trails that are appropriate for every skill level. In addition to their matrix of bike trails, Trestle Bike Park is home to the largest demo/rental fleet in the U.S., and they also provide a repair shop, guides, and coaching.

Resort Management Group

A lone visitor looks down the valley before he continues mountain biking in Colorado.The parks and trails listed above merely scratch the surface of the seemingly limitless mountain biking options near Winter Park. With several cabins throughout Grand County, Colorado, you’ll have a place to relax after a long day on the trails no matter where you are. For more information on how we may facilitate your mountain biking adventure in Colorado, please contact us online or call 800-926-4386. Be sure to ask about our extended stay discount and other specials!