Winter Activity

A joyous couple jubilantly strides while snowshoeing, one of the many Colorado winter activities in Grand County.

Avoid the Crowds with These Colorado Winter Activities

As much as we love the fantastic ski resorts in our neck of the woods, there is so much more to Grand County, Colorado, than carving down fresh powder with dozens of other people. Furthermore, we realize that some travelers...
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A stunning look at people enjoying an ice skating rink, one of the many things to do in Winter Park.

A Rocky Mountain Vacation: Things to Do in Winter Park

Embracing winter is a lifestyle for those of us living in Grand County. As we say goodbye to autumn, the parks are less busy, the temperatures dip, and the snow will accumulate quickly. But don’t let the brisk air dissuade...
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A young girl bends down to smile at a snowman in Winter Park, Colorado.

Four Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado, lives up to its name at no better time than the holiday season. Soon, the entirety of Grand County will transform into a whimsical wonderland characterized by frozen lakes, fresh blankets of snow, and smiling faces exuding...
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An astonishing bird's-eye view of an exquisite Rocky Mountain cabin.

Four Unique Rocky Mountain Cabins in Grand County, Colorado

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you can't embark on a mountain getaway. One of the best parts about Grand County, Colorado, is that it remains an excellent vacation destination throughout the entire year. When we aren't hiking, mountain...
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A stunning portrait of the Colorado fall foliage.

A Grand County, Colorado, Fall Foliage Tour

While summer is surely an excellent time to visit the Rocky Mountains, we want to look slightly ahead to autumn for those of you planning fall getaways to Grand County, Colorado. With its stoic mountain peaks, expansive alpine forests, and...
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A lovely panorama of an alpine valley decorated with wildflowers.

Hiking in the Rockies: Grand County, Colorado

Hiking in the Rockies is something every outdoor enthusiast should scratch off their bucket list. With its stoic mountains, raging rivers, and expansive alpine forests, it’s no surprise that Grand County is widely considered Colorado’s playground. One of the most...
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