Four Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Winter Park, Colorado

A young girl bends down to smile at a snowman in Winter Park, Colorado.

Winter Park, Colorado, lives up to its name at no better time than the holiday season. Soon, the entirety of Grand County will transform into a whimsical wonderland characterized by frozen lakes, fresh blankets of snow, and smiling faces exuding joy. This year, Resort Management Group invites you to celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years’ in the comfort of a Grand County vacation rental to shake things up and perhaps start a new tradition. With a diverse selection ranging from mountainside condos to luxury lodges, it’s no surprise that RMG has been voted the #1 property management company in multiple years. Below, we share four reasons to spend the holiday season in Winter Park, Colorado. 

1. Start a New Holiday Tradition in Winter Park, Colorado

As much as we adore long-standing family traditions, there’s no harm in shaking things up from time to time. Traveling to new places promotes bonding and could be more manageable for some family members nationwide to meet in a relatively centralized location like Grand County. Furthermore, Winter Park, Colorado, has a gamut of winter activities to keep people busy during an extended stay. 

2. Grand County Vacation Rentals Are Stress-Free

Whether it’s mountain vistas or lakeside panoramas, there is something to be said about immersing oneself in natural scenic beauty. The calming effect that nature has is unrivaled and is the perfect way to supplement holiday joy. What’s more, RMG has a seamless booking, contactless and keyless check-in, and payment processing to add peace of mind, in addition to 24/7 emergency assistance. Also, rest easy knowing that your vacation rental will be cleaned and sanitized to hospital-grade standards by professionally trained staff. 

3. There’s Plenty of Things to Do in Winter Park

We mentioned the nearby winter activities, but we can’t convey enough just how many things there are to do in our winter wonderland. Winter Park Resort opens a week before Thanksgiving, so visitors can get back into “skiing shape” before the holiday season fully commences. What better way to burn calories in Winter Park, Colorado than by skiing and snowboarding?

4. Have Memorable Experiences with Those Who Are Closest to You

Let’s face it, life gets busy, so many of us don’t spend as much time with those we love as much as we’d like. The snow-capped Rocky Mountains and alpine forests lend themselves to meaningful reflection and conversations with friends and family. When it’s all said and done, the best part of the holiday season is being with the people we care about, so why not make the most of it in Grand County? One fun idea is to have a photoshoot to capture the most meaningful moments and create a social media group for everyone to enjoy year after year. 

Holiday Vacations in Grand County, Colorado

An astonishing bird's-eye view of an exquisite Rocky Mountain cabin.Stress-free Grand County vacation rentals from Resort Management Group are awaiting your presence. Whether it be a quick weekend retreat or an extended staycation, Winter Park, Colorado, is the perfect place for celebrating the holidays. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us online or call 800-926-4386.